INTERNSHIPS - WWOOFing at Homestead Retreat

WWOOF Internships: 1-6 weeks, April 1st-November 1st

If you are interested in learning more about sustainable, organic gardening, apiary (bee-keeping) practices, tending orchards, basic carpentry, raising chickens, trail building and maintenance, wooden and stone fence construction, and other interesting projects that have to do with daily farm life, you might consider an internship at Homestead Retreat. Homestead Retreat at Horse Fork is a certified member farm of WWOOF - Willing Workers On Organic Farms program.

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​Ayal is available to work with apprentices in a variety of healing arts, including shamanism, reiki, medicine wheel ceremonies, and holistic healing techniques.

Apprenticeships with Hawk are available in Native American-style flute making, primitive living skills, as well as, edible and medicinal plant identification and use.

Organic gardening, stone work, fence building, landscaping, basic carpentry, apiary & orchard care

Organic gardening, stone work, fence building, landscaping, basic carpentry, apiary & orchard care

QUOTES about Homestead Retreat


"I think often of Homestead: the aliveness; the perpetual sound of water; the soil - fertile with potential; the butterflies and winged-creatures flying about; your unconditional love for me; our deep chats in the kitchen; my relationship with the land, the way it nourished by body; the infinite blanket of stars in the evening; Hawk and his passion to teach, learn, co-create and enhance the wellbeing of everyone; Ayal and the magical, aligned reality she has created; Ayal's nuggets of wisdom and unwavering commitment to her own path that inspires all. I think of all these things and I remember who I Am.” - Kim, 2016 WWOOFer


"You have no idea how completetly enriched I felt after leaving yesterday. I am so mesmerized by your land - I felt so cared and comforted by your hospitality and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I cannot wait to get back... Thank you for hosting us. It was simply amazing!” West Wilmore, Green River Preserve long-term planning retreat


"How can words ever express the peace and tranquility that was so willingly given to me over the past couple of days? What you both have offered in your own unique way brings a sense of well-being - an inner belief and true knowing that all is right with the universe. Hawk, your willingness to share the gifts of knowledge about Mother Earth was so appreciated. Ayal, thank you for sharing your wisdom so freely. I am so grateful for your spiritual support and friendship. My quest is to unite the essence of this weekend with my everyday 'real world' life." - Daphne, workshop participant


" I can't thank you enough for walking with me on this journey - you have helped me make some huge shifts in my life!" - Val, workshop participant


  "I am so full of joy and am savoring all of the beautiful energy I have been privileged to luxuriate in. You, Hawk and this sacred space that you have created, both physically and energetically, is truly a place of healing. You both are doing the work you are meant to do." - Marsha, workshop participant


"Your warmth, wisdom, and welcoming me into your home for my first Shamanic Journeying experience helped me understand a new path. It was special and I am forever grateful. Thank you dear Ayal!" - Kirsten, workshop participant