Homestead Retreat Center

Let us help you host an amazing retreat!

Each year, here at Homestead Retreat, we host a variety of programs, workshops, & personal retreats from April-October (see below). Classes are small, ranging from six to twenty-five participants. Guests are continually nurtured by the beauty, tranquility, and peace of the land, while enjoying healthy, home-grown food, exploratory hikes, and deep relaxation. Available on site are a multitude of unique, healing modalities, as well as artistic

and educational-center opportunities that include: 

  • infra-red sauna
  • edible/medicinal plant walks
  • migun massage bed
  • collage, painting, sculptural art
  • shamanic journey healing work
  • Native American-style flute &  drum making
  • medicine wheel ceremony
  • vision quest and solo sits
  • primitive living skills.

We invite you to offer your programs here! If you have a workshop, class, or gathering that you would like to offer, or if you wish to reserve Homestead for a private program or personal retreat, contact us today. Check out our upcoming programs below!


Homestead Retreat 2020 - Hosted Programs

Holistic Survival School

A 9-month, Earth Skills Adult Immersion Course led by Luke McLaughlin.

March 12th-15th program to be held at Homestead Retreat.

Shamanic Journey & Ceremony with Ayal Hurst - June 19-21


Integrating Your Inner Power and Balance through Shamanic Exploration & Ceremony

This transformative weekend (June 19-21, 2020) will offer a time to explore the mystical practice of Shamanism and Shamanic Journeying, as well as participating in an (optional) Sweat Lodge Ceremony. We will travel to other realms of existence to receive Healing, Wisdom, Power, Insights, and Guidance.

You will journey to directly connect with Spirit helpers and Spirit guides. You will  learn from them and be able to embody their inherent strengths, power, and gifts. You will discover how they work to enlighten you, to stabilize and steadfastly protect you - to create within you an amazing place of power, peace, and balance.

Saturday afternoon, under the guidance of Hawk Hurst, we will help prepare the sweat lodge and sacred fire. The ceremony, led by Ayal, will follow. Participation in the sweat lodge is optional.

Facilitator Information: Ayal Hurst is a Shamanic Practitioner, Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Master, Light Worker, and Artist. She has worked to empower individuals and groups for nearly 40 years. Ayal is the owner and co-founder of Homestead Retreat, a nature and healing center located near Asheville, NC. Ayal’s website, Clearing the Way, is an online question and answer column in which she responds to questions of personal healing from people all over the world.

Workshop Details: This workshop is limited to 12 participants, so be sure to reserve your space well in advance. Cost for the weekend: $285.00. To reserve your space, a $150, non- refundable deposit is due by May 10th, 2020. Healthy and nutritious potluck meals will be offered. Everyone will be contributing to the shared meals. Upon registration, further details will be provided. 

Questions? Contact Ayal at:

Magical Mountain Yoga Retreat

Retreat...Relax...Renew... - July 10th-12th, 2020


Discover the unmistakable magic of Homestead Retreat at Horse Fork in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains during this all-inclusive yoga weekend complete with mindful movement, meditation, home-cooked meals, a medicine wheel ceremony, and downtime to spend as you wish exploring this sacred oasis just 40 miles west of Asheville, NC.

A $450 investment includes 2 nights stay, all meals, daily yoga classes, meditation, and a guided hike. Space is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Secure your spot with a $225 non-refundable deposit by June 1st,, 2020.

Contact Alex Rogers for registration, a full schedule, and questions via or at (843) 814-8873.

“Alex’s classes are always the highlight of my day. She blends unique and traditional poses into a natural flow. Her personality, message, and energy-line alignment make her classes an enjoyable experience! As a yoga instructor myself, her classes leave me feeling inspired.” Erin S.

“Alex’s classes are a joy to take. They are balanced, well planned, and offer even the most seasoned yogi options to adjust or even change the suggested poses as needed. By the end of class, you feel relaxed, centered, and even filled with a little joy as light-hearted, sometimes comedic comments are often sprinkled throughout the practice. These comments can lift the most disheartened spirit. Her classes are simply—fun!” Steve T.

Facilitator, Alex Rogers


Alex Rogers is grateful to be the daughter of a Yogi. The Charleston, SC native grew up watching her mom practice sun salutations (Surya Namaskaaram) every morning and legs-up-the-wall (Vipareeta Karani) at the end of each day. By 2003, Alex was undoubtedly a Yogi too. She began teaching in 2006 and completed both her 200-hour training and advanced 300-hour certification through Holy Cow Yoga Center, Charleston's longest-running yoga studio and school.

Alex has practiced at studios across the country and studied with numerous international teachers including Erich Schiffmann, Seane Corn, Kathryn Budig, Faith Hunter, Jason Crandell, Doug Keller, Gabriel Halpern, and Trace Sahaja Bonner.

Currently, Alex teaches a mindful flow & Yin at Holy Cow Yoga Center where she also serves on the teacher training staff. She sees Yoga and Meditation as a way to raise the universal vibration and human consciousness. With these practices, we recognize the peace we feel inside as our truest selves.

“I have known Alex both as a friend and a yoga teacher for many years. I can say that she is one of my favorite teachers because of her sequencing, playfulness and all-around positive attitude, never pushing too hard but always encouraging. She is a real treat.” Linda S.

“Alex instills her love of yoga in every class she teaches and inspires with her skill, compassion, and passion. She seems to sense what we need in each class and delivers. I love her very much!” Patty T.